Distributors & Retailers Wanted

ECOtanka is a quality product, fast establishing in the global market.  Fantastic opportunites currently exist for distributors and for retailers. 


ECOtanka is currently looking for distributors for international destinations.  A distributor purchases in bulk and then distributes at wholesale to retail outlets.  If you have an existing distribution business and would like to add ECOtanka to your range, or if you are an individual wishing to establish a distribution business, please contact ECOtanka Global HK Limited or Topline Distribution Limited for further details.  Please click here to view contact details.  Please click here to view a list of existing distributors and their locations. 


ECOtanka is currently looking for retailers.  If you are wising to purchase ECOtankas at wholesale to sell at retail, then please contact the distributor for your country and area.  Please click here to view the list of distributors.  If you do not have a distributor in your country or area, then please contact Topline Distribution Limited for assistance. Click here to contact.  

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New Products

The* NEW* megaTANKA stainless steel lid is a special large lid, which fits only the mega size bottle.  It is made from 304 18/8 stainless steel...
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  • Eco-friendly
  • Reusable for years upon years
  • Safe & non-leaching
  • BPA free (bisphenol-A)
  • Solid food-grade stainless steel
  • Super hygenic & clean
  • With insulating Kooler™ covers
            - keep your drink cool for hours!